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June 17, 2012 / Sez

The Church Of Cake (Poetry Form 96: Long Hymnal Measure)

Another Hymn form today, Long Hymnal Measure is the same form that the hymn Jerusalem is written in, so this is also a bit filky, too.

This, to be sung to the tune of Jerusalem, is the first official hymn of the Church Of Cake, into which I was recently ordained by Kate, on Foley’s behalf.

I’m not the sort to kneel and pray
Temples and churches leave me cold
I cannot follow, day by day
Teachings judgmental, cruel and old

I cannot even say I’m sure
That there is any god at all
And I don’t think I am impure
I don’t believe from grace I’ll fall

Bring me my bowl and wooden spoon,
Bring me my sugar, eggs and flour.
This miracle shall happen soon
When it has been baked for an hour!

If you would share in our delight
In our communion, please partake:
We know you’ll savour every bite!
Come join us in the Church of Cake!


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