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June 5, 2012 / Sez

Jubilant Voices (Poetry Form 84: Chant Royal)

It is a day of national celebration

Of circumstance and pomp and pageantry

We all will come together as a nation

To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee

To be our sovereign for sixty years!

Her Majesty, of course, deserves our cheers

We come together to enjoy this day

There’s bunting over every street. Hooray!

At all the ships along the Thames we stare

We do not mind how much we’ve had to pay,

So pleased that in this special day we share.

I never did so well in education

I didn’t go to university.

I haven’t really got an explanation

But academia was not for me.

But now I need a job and it appears

I am unqualified, and in arrears

The people at the jobcentre all say

On benefits I can’t just sit and play

I’ve got to work for nothing on ‘workfare’.

They tell me what to do. I say ‘OK’.

So pleased that in this special day I share.

There’s so much unemployment and inflation

The country is a shambles, honestly

From all this stress, we need a nice vacation

Something to take your minds off it, you see!

Ignore your empty cupboards, dry your tears,

And drink her health in heavily taxed beers!

In olden times, the ancient Romans, they

Would call this ‘Bread and Circuses’: a way

To stop you thinking ‘this is so unfair!’

The celebrations make you want to stay,

So pleased that in this special day you share.

I find it hard to master my frustration

I just don’t know why everyone can’t see

They seem indignant at my indignation

They think that in this country we are free

The most oppressed, the immigrants and queers

Are dancing in the streets despite the jeers

They seem to think the Queen loves them today,

As they love her. Such trust she will betray!

Instead of partying, we should prepare

For revolution! Havoc! Join the fray!

So pleased that in this special day we share.

This outpouring of love and adoration

All of this fuss and nonsense, just for me!

I’d rather spend my time in contemplation

For once, not be the Queen, but simply… be.

I know I haven’t got long and the fears

Are growing as my final hour nears

I know I cannot ask them if I may

Just sit and have a nice cup of Earl Grey

And boycott this ridiculous affair.

No, I can never, ever disobey.

So pleased that in this special day I share.

It’s nearly done, This opulent display

Of privilege, this royal cabaret

But those of us who question it, beware

They do not like to hear us saying ‘nay’

So pleased that in this special day we share.


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