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May 30, 2012 / Sez

Snake (Poetry Form 78: Diamanté)

This is less a poetry form and more a beginner’s writing exercise, as it is very prescriptive, but extremely easy.

First you take a noun and a synonym or antonym for that noun. These are your first and seventh (last) lines.
Then take 2 adjectives to describe each word. These are your second and sixth lines. Likewise 3 “ing” words each for lines three and five. Line four is two adjectives describing the first noun, and two describing the last. I chose snake, as in any old snake, and serpent, in the biblical sense. I so chose all S words, but that’s not necessary.
You’d have to be a much better poet than I am to get anything really powerful out of this form.

Swift silent
Slithering, sneaking, slipping
Scaly, smooth, sibilant, sinful
Seeking, staring, seducing
Slick, sly


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