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May 15, 2012 / Sez

The Sparkle Of Gloria (Poetry Form 63: Caudate Sonnet)

Time for another sonnet, I think. A Caudate or “tailed” one this time.

The title of this one is inspired by The Polari Bible and translates as “the light of god”.

The evening sky is lurid, shocking pink
A quite synthetic, unrealistic hue
The scudding clouds a shade of grey I think
would better be described as slatey blue.
It clashes horribly. Too bold, too bright.
The twilight should be understated, calm.
From perfect blue and spotless clouds of white
The sky should fade to subtle, lilac balm.
It almost makes me certain that there is
A joyful universal consciousness
Beauty can be an accident but this
Must be a joke: it could be nothing less!
I glory in the awful colour choices
And in my mind I hear angelic voices.
All raucous, out of time and quite off key,
Praising a tacky, camp divinity!


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