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May 11, 2012 / Sez

Good Intentions (Poetry Form 59: Rajaz)

This is rajaz metre, which has a rhythm reminiscent of walking.
The following is really true.

Walking to town, using my legs, trying to be
Healthier and frugal as well. Sun on my face.
Beautiful day, breezy and bright, swinging my arms.
Look at the time, panic a bit, pick up the pace.

Will I be late? Speed walking now
Starting to sweat,
Checking my watch, gasping for breath – god I’m unfit!
This journey seems shorter when I get on the bus.
Only half way! Better speed up. Suddenly, “Shit!”

When I went out, iron was on. Did I forget?
Is it still hot, house burning down? Better go check.
Turn on my heel, wheezing I jog. Hope it’s ok.
Get to the door, stagger inside. Physical wreck!

No sign of smoke, iron is cold. I can’t believe
I turned and ran all the way home, made such a fuss.
Read in the face, horribly late, know when I’m beat
Walk out the door, fish out some change, get on the bus.


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