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May 7, 2012 / Sez

Crumbs (Poetry Form 56: Rondine)

This poem, a rondine, was sparked off by my poet-friend Mpho Ya Badimo talking about South Africa.
It’s actually about that special form of oppression where those with the power try to convince the oppressed that “slightly less oppression than before” equals “equality”.
The myths that feminism is obsolete, civil partnership is the same as marriage, and that there is no trace of apartheid in South Africa are all examples of this.
To quote Mpho, “Eish!”

You scatter crumbs of liberty
So we can taste what we desire
It makes us feel we’re so much higher:
You tell us this is being free.

Think of the way it used to be!
To keep us hungry, douse our fire,
You scatter crumbs

You cheat us of our victory,
Although our situation’s dire
You call us fortunate. You liar!
How can you think we do not see
You scatter crumbs?

This one’s up early, I know. Inspiration struck twice in a day!


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