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May 1, 2012 / Sez

These Things Have Pleased Me (Poetry Form 49: Naga Uta)

Another Japanese form: a Naga-Uta.
This was inspired by my sister Jude’s 100 Days Of Gratitude blog. I am
Grateful to the Japanese for their wealth of simple and evocative poetry forms.

These things have pleased me:
Sunshine, unexpectedly
Streaming through the glass.
A cat, concealed in blankets
Suddenly leaping
Into ambush attack mode.
Pain au chocolat.
A coffee-chain barista
Encouraging me
To eat all the free samples
Of fresh biscotti.
Rosemary, thick with flowers.
A single starling
Racing along the pavement,
For the joy of it.
Two little girls, 3 and 5,
Telling me “This is
What a fenimist looks like”
Blue eyed Siamese
Crying to be let back in
After a rough night.
Three quite unexpected birds
From a bus window:
Dipper, moorhen, tawny owl.
An old man standing
Outside a cake shop window,
Licking his lips.
I have seen all of these things.
All of these things have pleased me.


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