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April 23, 2012 / Sez

England! England! England! (Poetry Form 41: Domino Rhyme)

Happy St George’s Day!

Today we celebrate our Englishness!
Saint George and William Shakespeare, what a team!
Those other countries simply aren’t as good!
It must be rather beastly to be foreign!

Of being English they can only dream!
However hard they try, they’re not like us!
They speak in heathen tongues, don’t look the same!
We know they would be English if they could!

Because we English never make a fuss!
Discuss the weather to avoid emotion!
Just keep it bottled up, never let go!
Stiff upper lip! Play up and play the game!

We used to rule the waves of every ocean!
We used to have an empire that was great!
It’s gone forever, but we mustn’t grumble!
Chin up, Never say die, jolly good show!

It seems obscurity will be our fate!
A little scrap of self important rock!
In icy seas, still living in the past!
Perhaps it’s time we learned how to be humble!


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