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March 30, 2012 / Sez

Reawakening (Poetry Form Seventeen: Ballade)

A random tweet, taken totally out of context, inspired this poem, so thanks, Mr Fred, and apologies for completely misrepresenting where you were coming from!
This is a ballade. Not to be confused with a ballad.
They can both be set to music, but a ballade is more restrictive and French. Which, when it comes to poetry forms, is a redundant statement. Man those French troubadours loved their rigid structure!


He had strung me along and then broken my heart!
I was done with romance, I was finished with lies,
So I’d found the solution, I just wouldn’t start
In another relationship. No! I would rise
Above sex, love and dating, be lonely but wise:
Better that than go through all the heartache again.
Ah, but in the last week, to my shock and surprise,
For the first time in ages, I’m noticing men.

Oh to celibacy there’s a delicate art
But I find my resolve has become compromised.
It gets harder each day to dodge each cupid’s dart
As my long term addiction to solitude dies
How I miss those endearing, desire filled sighs!
How I’d love little love notes each morning to pen!
For it’s spring, and it’s time for the sap, now, to rise:
For the first time in ages I’m noticing men.

I won’t go back to him, for it’s best we’re apart
But I’m realizing now that there’s plenty more guys!
So I find my self marking them off on a chart
Grading aptitude, style: can they tie their own ties?
Just to try and eliminate them, but their eyes!
So sultry and sweet, so it’s ten out of ten!
And, oh merciful goodness! The sight of their thighs!
For the first time in ages I’m noticing men!


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  1. geezergirl1 / Mar 31 2012 10:34 pm

    clever girl…I like this rhythm.. So the last line is always the same. mmmm? I’ll be trying it.

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