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March 22, 2012 / Sez

To A Health Service (Poetry Form Nine: Standard Habbie)

This is a very poor example of the Burns Stanza or Standard Habbie. Particularly good for wailing and regret.

We come to you when we are ill
With colds, or viruses that kill
Because we know you always will
Be there to help
And that you’ll never send a bill
That makes us yelp

We come to you with broken bones
Because you’ll throw no sticks and stones
Nor make us take out massive loans
If we can’t pay
We are, when wracked with piteous groans,
Seen straight away.

Oh, friend on whom each one relies!
You’ve been brought low by Tory lies
That say “reform”, mean privatize,
Oh, deep disgrace!
A proud old institution dies
And is replaced.

By healthcare which is ruled by profit
Sees pound signs in each sneeze and cough “it’s
Necessary change?” Come of it!
This foul deed
By Lansley, (grey-haired, manky toff!) it’s
Simple greed.

We took your safety net for granted
At waiting times we moaned and ranted
But our perception now is slanted
Who could guess?
Too late, we know how much you’re wanted,


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